By: Dr. Bruce Goldman

Halloween can be a fun time for all, including your pets! The costumes, pumpkins and treats can bring a few dangers to our furry friends that we want to keep you mindful of. Here are four things to keep in mind this month as you prepare for a fun and safe Halloween.

Keep the Treats out of Reach.  It may be tempting to let your pet enjoy the candy like everyone else but it can be very harmful for them. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate and baking chocolate, is extremely toxic to most pets and can be fatal. Cellophane wrappers can also give your pet an upset stomach resulting in vomiting/diarrhea.  If your pet gets into candy or chocolate of any kind, please contact us immediately or contact The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center. 

Pumpkins are great for decorations but not for your pet to eat.  Pumpkins can cause upset stomachs if eaten, so if you are enjoying an afternoon of pumpkin carving make sure it is out of your pet’s reach. It is also important to remember that Jack-O-Lanterns can be dangerous for your pet if lit, as our pets are not always aware that flames can burn them. Electric candles are a great alternative to avoid burns and other injuries.

Costume time.  Some pets really do not mind being dressed up in their favorite dinosaur or superhero costume.  Please keep in mind that some pets, however, may become stressed from new or restrictive clothing. Remember to have your pet try on their costume before the big night to make sure it does not limit their movement or breathing.

Trick or Treat. If your pet is trick or treating with you, make sure that they are micro-chipped just in case they become spooked and run away. You can easily get your pet’s microchip checked at your local practice. Always make sure that all of your contact details are kept up-to-date. We will be happy to discuss micro-chips with you at your next visit. Please click here if you would like to schedule an appointment to have your pet micro-chipped.

We here at Huffard Animal Hospital want to wish you all a Happy Halloween. We are here to help, so please do not be frightened to call us at 410.768.3620 with any questions or concerns about your pets holiday safety.

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