By: Dr. Adina Mosby, Veterinarian

Do you have a fun trip planned this fall but are unsure of what that means for your dog or cat? When you’re booking your hotel accommodations make sure you remember to call our preferred pet resort to book your furry friend’s space, as well. We understand that no one loves the idea of leaving their pets behind when we travel, but often times it is the best and safest option.

Below are 4 tips to keep in mind as you think about your travel plans and what that means for your pet:

Tour the Facility. It is always a good idea to take a tour through the facility that you are considering. Most resorts will be happy to have a resort technician show you their facility and answer any questions you have. We have many different size kennels including indoor/outdoor runs and deluxe suites for both dogs and cats, as well as a play room that we love almost as much as our guests do! Our resort techs will be glad to show you around. Feel free to give us a call to schedule a tour, or just pop in to say hello!

Trial Run. If you are worried about how your pet [or you] will feel for a night alone, it might be a good idea for you to book a night’s stay in advance of your long trip. That way you and your pet can get comfortable before the long stay.

Extra Extra, read all about it. Ask your facility about any add on services that they offer. Often times resorts offer services such as baths and playtime. Here at Huffard Animal Hospital, for example, in addition to four walks per day we offer individual Yuppy Puppy Playtimes.

Diet is important. We offer a Veterinarian approved diet that many of our veterinarians and staff feed their own pets. If you know your pet has a sensitive stomach, you are welcome to provide your own food which our resort staff will be happy to feed your pet.

I hope these tips are helpful for you as you plan your trip this Fall. Here at Huffard Animal Hospital, we are no ordinary Boarding Resort & Grooming Spa. Our Boarding Resort is staffed 24 hours per day and a veterinarian is always on call. With our Resort being connected to our Hospital, you can relax on vacation knowing your pet is in good hands!

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