Huffard-Building_v1Dr. William Huffard, more commonly known in the community as “Doc”, founded Huffard Animal Hospital in 1965. We began as a 4,500 square foot brick building in the same location where we still practice today. Upon his retirement, Doc passed the practice on to Dr. Bruce Goldman in 1991.

Dr. Goldman has worked at Huffard Animal Hospital since 1984, and has instilled his family values to our entire team ever since.

We are proud to have been serving the community for over 50 years and look forward to serving you and your family for many years to come.

Meet Our Veterinarians

Dr. Bruce Goldman

Owner, Veterinarian

Dr._BruceGoldman0030_profileDr. Goldman is a New York native who attended veterinary school in Bologna, Italy. He enjoyed the challenge of learning a new language and becoming fluent enough to study veterinary medicine all at the same time, as he knew it would help him fulfill his lifelong goal of healing sick animals and helping to keep healthy pets thriving. Dr. Goldman continues to maintain close connections with his friends in Bologna.

Dr. Goldman considers his staff as family and they see him as an enthusiastic, caring and committed leader. He enjoys an especially close knit family life at his home in Arnold with his wife Jodi and two young adult children, Zachary and Samantha. They share a love of sports, tennis, bike-riding, and animals. Their Golden Retriever, Tucker, rounds out the family and as you might suspect, is treated like royalty.

Dr. Colleen McCafferty

Chief of Staff, Veterinarian

DrColleenMccafferty_profileDr. McCafferty was born in the Galapagos Islands, working as a migrant pearl diver and leading shark tours to travelers from around the world, when she came across a sick dolphin one day, and found her porpoise.

Dr. McCafferty was actually born and raised in Alexandria, VA, where she developed a passion for science and animals that led her to pursue a biology degree from Bates College in Lewiston, ME. This path was originally supposed to culminate in a PhD in Marine Biology focusing on research, which landed her in two internships at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, FL where she spent time rehabilitating sea turtles, manatees, and pygmy sperm whales. It was during these internships working alongside veterinarians who volunteered in the lab that her true calling became apparent.

Dr. McCafferty subsequently attended and graduated from Virginia-Maryland regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 2000. She has worked at Huffard Animal Hospital since 2001, and has been Chief of Staff since 2006.

She was married in October 2004 on the same weekend Huffard’s new hospital building opened. She and her husband enjoy scuba diving and many other sports. Her husband has helped her train for over 20 marathons, including 3 in Boston, and her first Ironman Triathlon in Wisconsin in September 2012. They have two sons, Liam and Rees, who are almost as much work as their Norfolk terriers. She is not only a veterinarian, but a loving wife and mother, an accomplished runner and triathlete. Dr. McCafferty continues to challenge herself in every aspect of her life. She feels blessed that she has a loving family and a wonderful career. Come visit and share in her passion for animals and for life.

Dr. Adina Mosby


DrAdinaMosby-0167_profileA graduate of Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Mosby joined the Huffard Animal family in 2004.

She has grown to love the clients and becomes attached to her regular patients. She looks forward to coming to work and gets a high from being able to help someone’s animal to live a healthier, happier life. She believes medicine should be individualized to the patient’s specific needs and tries to listen carefully to address all her clients concerns.

When not at the hospital, Dr. Mosby enjoys spending time with her family, husband Koby and daughter Kallista. She enjoys watching movies and getting lost in a good book. Physical fitness is important to her and she tries to fit exercise into her busy schedule.

Dr. Mosby looks forward to seeing your pet and providing the best care possible.

Dr. Shanna Plitt


Dr. Plitt has been a member of the Huffard Animal Hospital family since 2001. Although as a college student she began with us as a receptionist, her true passion involved working hands on with the animals. Thus, shortly after joining our team, she shifted to the position of veterinary technician. After a few years in that role, she was ready to fulfill her lifelong calling to become a veterinarian and excitedly accepted the offer to enroll at the Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine.

Once the grueling, but gratifying work of veterinary school was complete, it was time to search for employment! Although her mentors counseled her to interview at several locations, she knew in her heart that the Huffard family was where she belonged. She was drawn back by their ability to offer quality medicine and preventative care in a multi-doctor practice, while still maintaining that “family doctor” feel.

Since her reunion with our hospital, Dr. Plitt has refined her practice and developed professional interests in the areas of surgery, endocrinology, and assisted nutrition. A self-proclaimed nerd, she thoroughly enjoys learning, and attends monthly continuing education meetings, including ultrasonography and dentistry seminars. Her drive to problem-solve keeps her wanting to try new things! So in her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, SCUBA, crafting, and has recently started ballroom dancing lessons.

Although Dr. Plitt has counted fish, frogs, cats, birds, ferrets, and rabbits among her family members in the past, her two mixed breed dog Dozer have really fueled her desire to be the veterinarian she would want for her own critters. They have been right alongside her throughout many major milestones in her life, (including the welcoming of an energetic little boy!) Dr. Plitt looks forward to getting to know you and your family.

Dr. Helen Hu


Dr._Hu_profileDr. Helen Hu grew up in Oklahoma, where she developed her longing to care for our pets. She completed her undergraduate studies at Brown University and received her veterinary degree from Oklahoma State University in 2004. While in vet school, she developed interests in internal medicine, especially geriatrics, dermatology and exotics/wildlife. In her spare time she enjoys volunteering at animal rescue organizations and is kept busy taking care of her husband, 2 energetic children, two dogs and a very demanding orange tabby.

Dr. Laura Carpenter


Dr. CarpenterDr. Carpenter grew up in Cambridge, Maryland, surrounded by a multitude of family pets and local wildlife.  She knew she wanted to become a veterinarian at an early age and began working at a veterinary hospital at the age of 16.  Dr. Carpenter received her undergraduate degree in Animal Science from the University of Maryland, College Park.  She then attended the University of California, Davis, and received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2005.  After graduation, Dr. Carpenter completed a 13 month rotating internship at Encina Veterinary Hospital/East Bay Veterinary Specialists in Walnut Creek, California.  This wonderful opportunity enabled her to work side by side with veterinary specialists in many disciplines including internal medicine, oncology, and dermatology.  

Dr. Carpenter has since moved from coast to coast and in-between, thanks to her husband’s pursuits as an academic.  She has practiced in California, Pennsylvania, and most recently the gorgeous state of Utah where they don’t have any fleas!  In 2015, Dr. Carpenter jumped at the chance to come home to Maryland when her husband landed a job with UMBC.  She joined the Huffard Animal Hospital team in January of 2016.  

Dr. Carpenter shares her home with her husband Adam, daughter Emilia, a golden retriever (Tessie), a Llewellyn Setter (Abbey), two cats (Pants and Satellite), and 5 chickens.  Though she dabbles in a lot of different pastimes, her most consistent hobbies include gardening, raising chickens, running (but not nearly as fast as Dr. McCafferty!), and chasing a toddler.  

Dr. Ann Marie Sekerak


Dr S.Always an animal lover, Dr. Sekerak grew up in a suburb of Chicago. She attended the University of Michigan for undergrad (Go Blue!) before heading to the University of Illinois for veterinary school. After graduating from vet school in 2005 Dr. Sekerak bid adieu to the Midwest and headed for the mountains of Colorado. From there she has bounced around the country practicing in New Mexico, Michigan, California and finally Maryland–where she hopes to plant roots!

Dr. Sekerak enjoys the problem solving aspect of internal medicine cases, geriatric care, and is looking forward to building relationships by providing pets with preventative care. Dr. Sekerak is fired up to be a part of the Huffard Animal Hospital family!

When not at work Dr. Sekerak enjoys spending time with her husband, 2 children, and 2 dogs. As Hildy (15yrs) and Scout (10yrs) are aging it helps her further understand the challenges of senior and geriatric pets! Dr. Sekerak enjoys skiing and hiking with her family, practicing and teaching yoga, travel-both international and domestic, reading, knitting, and watching college football!

Dr. Kristen Archambault


Dr. Kristen Archambault grew up in Richmond, Texas and started her veterinary career while volunteering with the animal refugees from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in College Station, Texas.  She became a veterinary technician while completing her undergraduate degree at Texas A&M in Biomedical Sciences. She went on to graduate with honors from the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine in 2012.

In her free time, Dr. Archambault enjoys rollerblading and horseback riding. Her favorite activity is spending time with her husband, Nick, and their amazing son, Mason. She and Nick have a small zoo at home which consists of three dogs- Pickles, a Dachshund, Dixie, an English Setter, and Moose, a Golden Retriever- and three (very naughty) orange cats- Newton, Keebler, and Wilbur.

Dr. Adrienne Greenwood


Dr. Greenwood was born in Georgia and raised in Washington state. She decided she wanted to be a veterinarian during a 2nd grade career fair and has pursued this goal ever since. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Linfield College and attended Washington State University (Go Cougs!) for veterinary school. Upon graduation in 2016, Dr. Greenwood spent 4 years as a Captain in the U.S. Army Veterinary Corps, where her main duties included care of military working animals, conducting food safety and food defense inspections, and care of Soldiers’ privately owned animals. Dr. Greenwood enjoys helping owners strengthen their bonds with their animals and looks forward to building long-lasting client and patient relationships at Huffard Animal Hospital.

When not working, Dr. Greenwood enjoys spending time with her husband, Nathan, and their 2- year old daughter, Abigail. She has 1 dog (Lilly) and 2 cats (Lola and Leila), though she would probably own several more if she could get Nathan to agree. She is excited to join the Huffard family and provide the best care she can to your animals!

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