• Is your pet up-to-date? Vaccinate!

    Aug 02 2017

    By Dr. Shanna Plitt, Veterinarian August is Pet Immunization Month. Just like kids, dogs and cats should be vaccinated against dangerous viral and bacterial diseases. Protection should begin early, when your pet is a puppy or kitten, and should be supplemented with boosters annually as they become adults. Certain vaccines can be…

  • Play it cool this summer

    Jul 13 2017

    By Dr. Adina Mosby, Veterinarian We hope your summer is off to a good start! As things start to heat up, we thought it might be helpful to mention a few precautions to consider when enjoying the hot summer days and nights with your pets. Here are four things you can do…

  • Coughing Canine? Dogs have their own flu to deal with

    Jul 07 2017

    By Dr. Colleen McCafferty, Chief of Staff  & Veterinarian Canine Flu is highly contagious, infecting approximately 80% of dogs that come in contact with the disease. A case of the H3N8 canine flu virus was recently confirmed locally in Columbia, MD. Canine Flu [CIV H3N8] was first detected in Florida in 2004…

  • We love the Fourth of July, but do our pets?

    Jun 28 2017

    By: Dr. Jessica Gray, Veterinarian The Fourth of July is right around the corner and with it brings all sort of fun as we celebrate America’s independence – cookouts, family time, pool parties and fireworks. Unfortunately, our pets do not share our same enthusiasm for the celebration. The loud explosions…

  • Ahh, June—sunshine, the great outdoors—Wait…was that a mosquito that just bit me?

    Jun 07 2017

    By Dr. Helen Hu, Veterinarian Now that we have flown into June, you might be longingly visualizing idyllic long summer days outside. While summer is filled with the good things of life such as picnics, barbeques, and long walks in the cool of the evening, these moments can be accompanied with the bite…

  • The only good Lyme is the one in your margarita! Are you vaccinated?

    May 01 2017

    By Dr. Shanna Plitt, Veterinarian Now that the warm weather is here, and Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner, I’m sure you are starting to think more and more about a fresh lime and a tasty margarita. Unfortunately, the warm weather has ticks thinking about your pets and…

  • National Dog Bite Prevention Week

    Apr 13 2017

    By Dr. Colleen McCafferty, Chief of Staff  & Veterinarian The American Veterinary Medical Association [AVMA] recognizes this week as National Dog Bite Prevention Week, so what better time to learn about the dangers and prevention techniques to keep your furry friends and family members safe. It can be a tough…

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    Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

    Oct 26 2016

    Halloween is almost here and with it comes a night of costumes, candy, parties and a whole lot of fun! Please make sure to think about your pet and their safety this Halloween season, too. Please do not feed candy and chocolate to your pets. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate and…

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    National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

    Oct 12 2016

    Today is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day and since petobesity is becoming increasingly prevalent among pets in the United States, itis our goal to raise our client’s awareness so that we can treat this issuetogether. According to a 2015 study conducted by the Association for PetObesity Prevention, an estimated 53.8%…