Grooming Spa

At Huffard Animal Hospital, we believe that it’s just as important to keep your pet healthy on the outside as they are on the inside. Professional grooming promotes healthy skin, a clean coat and an overall healthier, happier pet. We offer full-service grooming to help keep your pet looking, feeling and smelling their very best.

Our professional grooming and spa services include:

Bath and Brush

Treat your pet to a relaxing bath followed by an invigorating blow dry. We’ll then top it off with a brush out, nail trim, anal gland expression, ear cleaning and ear plucking. Your pet’s session will end with a pretty bow or handsome bandana and a special treat.

Trim Package

Your pet will enjoy all the services included in our Bath And Brush package, including a bath, blow dry, brush out, nail trim, anal gland expression, ear cleaning, and ear plucking, as well as extra services that include shaving of the foot pads, sanitary clip, and trimming of hair around the face. Your pet’s session will conclude with a bandana or bow and a special treat.

Ultimate Professional Groom Package

For the pet that deserves the very best, this luxury spa treatment includes a bath, blow-dry, brush out, ear cleaning and ear plucking, external anal gland expression, nail trim, and a full professional body clip according to breed standards. Your pet’s day of beauty will end with a lovely bow or a stylish bandana and a special treat. Your pooch will leave feeling like “Top Dog”!

Other services available include deep coat conditioning, salon nail trims, teeth brushing, and more.

Our professional groomers have years of experience and a gentle, caring touch that is sure to put even the most nervous pet at ease. They are dedicated to treating each and every pet in their care with vigilance, patience, and respect and will make every effort to ensure that your pet’s stay at the spa is as safe and enjoyable as possible. Have a special request? Just ask! Our groomers are up to the task and are here to assist with all of your pet’s grooming needs!


For the protection of all our guests, dogs that are grooming are required to be up to date on all vaccines [Rabies, Distemper / Parvo, and Intranasal Bordetella with Parainfluenza, CIV] and have had a fecal parasite exam within the past year. All dogs that are grooming are required to be at least five months of age and have an annual exam with one of our doctors.