Dr. Adina Mosby

A graduate of Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Mosby joined the Huffard Animal family in 2004.

Dr. Mosby has always been intrigued by animals but it wasn’t until her first trip to the animal clinic with her childhood cat Tinker that she knew she would pursue a career in veterinary medicine. While her parents were not keen on having any animals in the house, at the age of 12 Dr. Mosby managed to convince her mom to adopt the furry feline from the local animal shelter. When she was 16 she rescued an almost drowned rat from a pet store where she worked a summer job, then came home with a cockatiel acquired from a veterinary clinic where she worked as a technician for a few years.

While working as a veterinary technician, Dr. Mosby brought home a stray dog named Honey Girl, a shepherd mix with a heart of gold. Honey Girl was with Dr. Mosby through vet school and was there when she married the love of her life. The loss of Honey Girl truly opened her eyes to how devastating it can be to lose a beloved pet. Dr. Mosby treasures the bond shared by owner and pet and as a veterinarian strives to keep pet and owner together for as long as possible.

She has grown to love the clients and becomes attached to her regular patients. She looks forward to coming to work and gets a high from being able to help someone’s animal to live a healthier, happier life. She believes medicine should be individualized to the patients specific needs and tries to listen carefully to address all her clients concerns.

When not at the hospital, Dr. Mosby enjoys spending time with her family, husband Koby and daughter Kallista. She enjoys watching movies and getting lost in a good book. Physical fitness is important to her and she tries to fit exercise into her busy schedule.

Dr. Mosby looks forward to seeing your pet and providing the best care possible.