Dr. Bruce Goldman

Did you ever imagine your childhood dream would come true? It certainly did for Dr. Goldman. As a youngster Bruce loved pets, not just his own but all the dogs and cats in his neighborhood and he discovered they seemed to love him right back.

His journey to becoming a veterinarian was not quite so smooth and easy. When he choose to go to veterinary school in Bologna, Italy there was the issue of learning a new language and becoming fluent enough to study and learn the art of veterinary medicine all at the same time. It was a challenge but Dr. Goldman knew it would help him fulfill his lifelong goal of healing sick animals and helping to keep healthy pets thriving. He ended up loving Italy, the people, their animals and even the Italian language. Dr. Goldman continues to maintain close connections with this friends in Bologna.

As you can tell when you hear him talk, Dr. Goldman was born and brought up in New York. He made Anne Arundel County his family home in 1984. Already a dedicated veterinarian, he became the owner, manager, and problem solver in 1991. He was so zealous about his work, that in 2003 he completely and wholeheartedly renovated Huffard Animal Hospital, updating it with cutting edge medical technology and modern conveniences to provide the highest quality care to our patients and their families. Only the best would do for those who sought out the expertise of the devoted doctors and staff of Huffard Animal Hospital.

Dr. Goldman considers his staff as family and they see him as an enthusiastic, caring and committed leader. He enjoys an especially close knit family life at his home in Arnold. His wife Jodi shares Bruce’s enthusiasm for life and is a busy volunteer in the county. He is the proud father of two young adult children, Zachary and Samantha. The four Goldmans share a love of sports, tennis, bike-riding, and animals. Their Golden Retriever, Tucker, rounds out the family and as you might suspect, is treated like royalty.