Dr. Jessica Gray

Dr. Gray’s story began in a Kindergarten room in Austin, Texas, when the teacher asked the students what they wanted to be when they grew up. Dr. Gray’s answer was immediate, even as a 5 year old: a vet. That dream and the passion to help animals continued to flourish throughout her childhood. By owning her own animals, she learned the responsibility associated with having pets, and discovered the unconditional love and bond that develops. As soon as she was old enough to work, Dr. Gray joined her neighborhood veterinarian clinic. Working as a technician for several years, she became even more certain that veterinary medicine was what she wanted to do with her life.

Dr. Gray is a born and bred Texan – originally from the Heart of Texas, Austin. She attended Texas A&M for her undergraduate degree in Animal Science, and then was accepted into the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine. Soon after finishing her degree, she married her best friend, who also went to Texas A&M and got a Master’s degree in aerospace engineering. Her husband was recently located to the Maryland area for his job with the Department of Defense, and thus Dr. Gray is making Maryland her new home. She is hoping to bring some of her Texas-charm to Huffard Animal Hospital.

Outside of work, Dr. Gray enjoys traveling, especially to foreign countries. She has backpacked across Europe, and is always adding new countries to her list to visit. She has traveled across the U.S., and looks forward to seeing more of the country. At home, Dr. Gray is happy to sit down with a good book or go running with her dog; she loves a good hike, and sitting by the pool relaxing.

Dr. Gray has a full house at home with her three, female cats: Gemini, the mischievous, fawn-colored kitten; Sinead, the independent and ruthless calico; and Tiara, the queen of the house – a gorgeous tortoiseshell. The three girls share the house with Watson, Dr. Gray’s young, energetic yellow lab, who she has raised since a puppy.

Now that Dr. Gray is living her dream as a veterinarian, she is interested in building strong relationships with clients and their animals, and helping to ensure them the best possible care that there is to offer. She loves all areas of veterinary medicine but does have special interest in internal medicine (especially feline!).